The Stickman weekly column was first published in April of 2001.  Without anywhere on the site to publish news from expat society and the expat bar areas which may be time-sensitive, the Stickman weekly column was born.  I never thought it would last but now more than 10 years later what started as a brief weekly update has developed into the most popular section of this website.

Each week there I feature the sort of news, views and gossip from Bangkok expat society that isn't typically covered in the mainstream press.  I include the latest news, views and gossip from the expat bar areas along with bits and pieces from restaurants and eateries popular with Westerners, as well as general news and issues of interest to expats, gossip from the expat files, stuff like Bangkok escorts and even the odd bit from neighbouring countries.

Each week the column features a opening piece which can be anything from an op-ed piece to a photo essay to an interview.  This is followed by a photo competition and then the emails to Stick section featuring the most interesting emails received that week.  Next is the news and my views of the week's happenings in Bangkok.  There is a question and answer section where you can ask questions of a legal nature which are answered by a Bangkok law firm.  Some weeks there is also a girl of the week section featuring an attractive lady working in an expat bar.

To all bar, pub and restaurant owners, I am happy to help promote your establishment, especially if you are holding any special events, parties or promotions.  Please get info to me before the Sunday before the event so that it makes the column in time!

Thai Escorts Bangkok

:  While this column features news, views, gossip and photos from expat bar areas, it should be noted that this is a very small part of Thailand, and insignificant to most Thais.  Don't take the preponderance of coverage of Bangkok's expat bar areas to mean that that is all that this fantastic city has to offer; it is in fact just a very small part of the city.  The round-up of expat bar news and gossip is a popular part of the column and I strive to cover this  major part of expat society in a responsible way.  As the Lonely Planet Guide to Thailand said in some editions, Stickman provides a palatable look at nightlife in Thailand.

The Stickman weekly column is published every Sunday before 6 PM Bangkok time, which corresponds to the following times around the world.

Auckland midnight    
Sydney 10 PM     London 11 AM     New York 6 AM     Los Angeles 3 AM

Feedback is welcome and the most interesting emails received appear in the emails to Stick section of the column.

This website does NOT contain photos of naked women or any nudity whatsoever.  If that is what you're looking for, there are plenty of Thailand-centric websites to find that.  This is not one of them.  Hint: try the Pattaya forums.

I appreciate tip-offs from readers about anything of interest to Westerners in Bangkok so if you are aware of anything that may be newsworthy or of interest, do drop me an email and let me know!

Stick is taking a much-needed break from writing the column.

The next Stickman weekly column will be published in July.

Stickman Weekly Archives for 2012 - 2016

12 June 2016 He Said, She Said
5 June 2016 Revisited
29 May 2016 Reflecting on Several Weeks in Bangkok
22 May 2016 Reflecting on Several Weeks in Bangkok, Preview
15 May 2016 Billboard
8 May 2016 Throwing Away The Winning Lottery Ticket
1 May 2016 The Bright Future of Sukhumvit Soi 22
24 April 2016 Sensational Soda
17 April 2016 A Bangkok Temple Off The Beaten Path
10 April 2016 Songkran 2016
3 April 2016 The EQ Crew
27 March 2016 Snake Dancer
20 March 2016 The Other Farang Neighbourhood
13 March 2016 Narcissism & Vulgarity: Thailand's Facebook Love Affair
6 March 2016 My Old Soi
28 February 2016 Goodbye, Mr. Average
21 February 2016 What Becomes of Bargirls?
14 February 2016 Remembering Darel
7 February 2016 Stickman Weekly 7/2/2016
31 January 2016 Thailand Online
24 January 2016 Day-Dreaming About Vietnam
17 January 2016 How To Have The Best Experience With A Thai Bargirl
10 January 2016 Adjusting to Life in Farangland
3 January 2016 3 Bar Industry Predictions, Far-Fetched Or Not?
27 December 2015 This Website & Me, The Future
20 December 2015 2015, The Year In Bangkok
13 December 2015 Compartmentalising Your Life
29 November 2015 Is It Worth 5,000 Baht?
22 November 2015 Do They Hate Us?
15 November 2015 Threats To The Bar Industry
8 November 2015 More Observations About Thais in New Zealand
1 November 2015 Stickman Weekly 1/11/2015
25 October 2015 Stickman Weekly 25/10/2015
18 October 2015 Stickman Weekly 18/10/2015
11 October 2015 Another Afternoon With Bangkok Escorts
4 October 2015 A Mexican in Bangkok
27 September 2015 5 Good Girls
20 September 2015 The Nameless Patpong Bar Group
13 September 2015 Back to Bangkok
30 August 2015 Thai Visa Sold
23 August 2015 Reflecting On The Bangkok Bombing From Afar
16 August 2015 Pattaya's Real Estate Market Downturn
9 August 2015 Back To The Real World
2 August 2015 The Days Of Easy Money Are Over
26 July 2015 The Big Boys of the Bangkok Bar Industry
19 July 2015 The Road To Wellington
12 July 2015 Bangkok Bar News From Afar
5 July 2015 10 Myths About Thai Bargirls
28 June 2015 The Coconut Bar Walk
21 June 2015 Casey Who?
14 June 2015 Thais in New Zealand
7 June 2015 What I (Don't) Miss
31 May 2015 Paying Their Dues
24 May 2015 You Can Run, But You Can't Hide
17 May 2015 A Russian, A Greek And A Thai
10 May 2015 The Last Month, Explained
3 May 2015 The Road Home Part 2
26 April 2015 The Road Home Part 1
19 April 2015 Miss Awkward
12 April 2015 The Slyest Geezer
5 April 2015 The Last Ever Stickman Bar Photo Shoot
29 March 2015 Experiences With Bar Bosses
22 March 2015 Infidelity
15 March 2015 Home Is Home, Thailand Isn't
8 March 2015 Remembering A Bully
1 March 2015 The Final Strip
22 February 2015 Gogo Bar For Sale, The Devil Is In The Details
15 February 2015 How The Ladies Have Changed
8 February 2015 Club Electric Blue Uniform Party
1 February 2015 Soi Cowboy, Same Same But Different
25 January 2015 Relaxing in Vientiane
18 January 2015 The Flawed Lady Drink System
11 January 2015 Thailand Tragics
4 January 2015 Ayuthaya Day Trip
28 December 2014 2015, Looking In To The Crystal Ball
21 December 2014 Christmas in Bangkok
14 December 2014 Expat Exodus
7 December 2014 Chit Chat With 3 Girls Of The Week
30 November 2014 Fluctuating Farang Fortunes
23 November 2014 You're On Your Own, Farang!
16 November 2014 The Challenges of Thai / Foreign Relationships
9 November 2014 Bill of Phuket
2 November 2014 Patong, Phuket's Party Zone
26 October 2014 The World Through Bangkok Eyes
19 October 2014 Bangkok Bar Biz Trends, 2014
12 October 2014 Sloppy Service, A Stickman Rant
5 October 2014 Gogo Bars, There Is An Alternative
28 September 2014 The Future of Nana Plaza
21 September 2014 The Legend of Nanapong
14 September 2014 Sukhumvit This Week
7 September 2014 Transforming & Rebranding
31 August 2014 Selling Your Baby
17 August 2014 24 Hours in Pattaya
10 August 2014 A Lack Of Leadership
3 August 2014 The Things Some People Do To Stay in Thailand
27 July 2014 South-East Asia's Wind of Change and Farang Fatigue
20 July 2014 Thai Visa Crackdown
13 July 2014 Advice From 10-Year Expats
6 July 2014 Club Electric Blue 2014 Vintage
29 June 2014 Going Native
22 June 2014 Another Rainy Night At The Strip
15 June 2014 MBK Fight Night
8 June 2014 Bangkok Bar Legends
1 June 2014 Bangkok News & Views
25 May 2014 Through Isaan, To Vientiane
18 May 2014 Immigration, Closing The Loopholes
11 May 2014 Hot Stuff At Hot Lips
4 May 2014 Pleasure And Pain
27 April 2014 Lumpini Park Today
20 April 2014 Thailand, Land of the Free
13 April 2014 Surviving Songkran
6 April 2014 PlaySkool Revisited
30 March 2014 Bangkok Gogo Bars, From The Inside
23 March 2014 What Bangkok Gogo Bars Can Learn From Pattaya
16 March 2014 Buying A Condo In Pattaya
9 March 2014 Coyotes / Agency Girls Revisited
2 March 2014 Sticking It Out
23 February 2014, In The Nerve Centre
16 February 2014 Visiting Kolkata
9 February 2014 Basic Economics and the Prices Thai Bargirls Charge
2 February 2014 Bangkok Shutdown, Endless Frustrations
26 January 2014 Tattooed Thai Bargirls
19 January 2014 Bangkok Is Not Shut Down
12 January 2014 Saigon Wanderings
5 January 2014 The Looming Bangkok Shutdown
29 December 2013 Hanging Out At Spanky's
22 December 2013 More Than Liberals, Lesbians and Lager Louts
15 December 2013 The Girl is Mine
8 December 2013 Scoring An Own Goal
1 December 2013 Copyright in Thailand
24 November 2013 Inside Eden
17 November 2013 The Lifestyle of Thai Escorts
10 November 2013 Enjoying the Internet, What Happened?
3 November 2013 Halloween in Bangkok
27 October 2013 Halloween @ Angelwitch
20 October 2013 CheckInn99, 50+ Years of Bangkok Bar History
13 October 2013 Alone in a Room with a Thai Ladyboy
6 October 2013 Stickman Dons An Apron
29 September 2013 Welcome To Hell!
22 September 2013 Woof Woof
15 September 2013 Playskool, The Reawakening
8 September 2013 Stickman Says Goodbye
1 September 2013 A Monumental Stroll
25 August 2013 Little India
18 August 2013 Craving Seafood
11 August 2013 How I've Changed
4 August 2013 Who's Doing The Ladyboys?
28 July 2013 Contrast & Contradiction, Confusing Thailand
21 July 2013 Condo Hunting in Bangkok and the Thai Real Estate Agent Headache
14 July 2013 Patpong Gets Ready For Business
7 July 2013 Where Stick Eats
30 June 2013 Bar Customers, Farangs and Asians
23 June 2013 Pattaya Today
16 June 2013 People With Problems, Foreigners I Avoid
9 June 2013 Arsenal Alex
2 June 2013 Charming Nonthaburi
26 May 2013 The Blowback From Lying To Get Laid
19 May 2013 Timeless Patpong
12 May 2013 Hunting For The Girl Of The Week
5 May 2013 Bangkok Escort Services
28 April 2013 You Can Take The Boy Out Of Wellington, But...
14 April 2013 Where The Attractive Women Are
7 April 2013 The Patpong Of Old
1 April 2013 A Big Bunch Of Bananas
24 March 2013 The Visa Run Company That Jack Built
17 March 2013 Defacing Bangkok
10 March 2013 Stick's Favourite Gogo Bar
3 March 2013 Pattaya By Night
24 February 2013 Pattaya By Day
17 February 2013 The Dollhouse, A Brief History
10 February 2013 Sophia, Escort Superstar
3 February 2013 An Island In Bangkok
27 January 2013 Hands Out in Bangkok
20 January 2013 A Run Up The River
13 January 2013 The Mercury Is Rising
6 January 2013 Winter in Hanoi
30 December 2012 Looking Back At 2012
23 December 2012 Banana Plaza
16 December 2012 The New Expats
9 December 2012 Sukhumvit Soi 33, From The Inside
2 December 2012 The Evolution Of The Bangkok Beer Bar
25 November 2012 After Dark, A Different Bangkok
18 November 2012 Stick Gets Stopped
11 November 2012 Beautiful Neon, The Key To A Long Life
4 November 2012 The Confusing Coyote Concept
28 October 2012 The Pattaya You Know And Love
21 October 2012 The 4-Legged Residents of Bangkok
14 October 2012 To Publish, Or Not To Publish?
7 October 2012 Wham, Bam, Thank You, Noi!
30 September 2012 Bangkok's Chinatown
23 September 2012 Stuck at The Strip
16 September 2012 Bangkok Canal Boat Trip
9 September 2012 Getting Inked in Bangkok
2 September 2012 A Dump Called Nana
26 August 2012 Stick Plays Private Dick
19 August 2012 Thailand And Keyboard Warriors
12 August 2012 Another Day, Another Bar
5 August 2012 Stickman Served Without Dessert
29 July 2012 The Chiang Mai Option
22 July 2012 Spanky's Gets Ready To Party
15 July 2012 Alternative Venues For Naughty Boys
8 July 2012 Online Dating In Thailand, Through The Eyes Of A Webmaster
1 July 2012 Shark of Pattaya
24 June 2012 The Vietnam Love Affair Continues
17 June 2012 Farangland Replicated
10 June 2012 Using The 'F' Word In Thailand
3 June 2012 Siam Square
27 May 2012 Nana Plaza in Focus
20 May 2012 Mama Noi
13 May 2012 Reflecting on Ho Chi Minh City
6 May 2012 First Impressions of Vietnam
29 April 2012 Northern Thailand Road Trip
22 April 2012 The House That Larry Built
8 April 2012 From Bangkok to Phnom Penh, The Expat Drift
1 April 2012 Sex Tourism: New Regulations On The Horizon
25 March 2012 Soi Cowboy, One Night, in Black+White
18 March 2012 The Highlights of Hua Hin
11 March 2012 Stick & Jake Do Lunch
4 March 2012 An Afternoon in Lumpini Park
26 February 2012 Joking with Jerry
19 February 2012 Bangkok Escorts
12 February 2012 Another Day in Paradise
5 February 2012 Another Afternoon With Thai Ladyboys
29 January 2012 Shallow Friendships
22 January 2012 Low-Fat Stickman
15 January 2012 The Bar Industry, A Victim Of Its Own Success
8 January 2012 More And More, I Feel Sorry For Her
1 January 2012 Bangkok's Bar Areas In 2012

Stickman Weekly Archives for 2011
25 December 2011 Another Difficult Year
18 December 2011 Sober Reflections On Pattaya
11 December 2011 Somewhere Between Nana And Cowboy
4 December 2011 Another Walk Around The Old Part Of Town
27 November 2011 An Afternoon Stroll in the Old Quarters
20 November 2011 Nana Plaza Survives!
13 November 2011 To Come, Or Not To Come?
6 November 2011 Fred, And The 4 TLL Girls
30 October 2011 Great Quotes Or Overused Clichés?
23 October 2011 When Whorists Go Mainstream
16 October 2011 A Photo Essay:  Children in Thailand, The Harsh Reality Of Growing Up Poor
9 October 2011 Staying Faithful in The Land Of Temptations
2 October 2011 Thailand Expats and the Internet
25 September 2011 Stickman, The Future, And Me
18 September 2011 Marriage, Thai Style
11 September 2011 Jealousy, Envy, Feeling Slighted And Revenge In The Land Of Smiles
4 September 2011 Other Employment Opportunities in Thailand
28 August 2011 The Changing Face Of Walking Street
21 August 2011 Somehow Managing To Survive
14 August 2011 The Cambodia Connection
7 August 2011 Why I Don't
31 July 2011 From The Thai Perspective
24 July 2011 The Widespread BS Many Foreigners Believe About Thai Women
17 July 2011 An Easy Massage
10 July 2011 A Few Days in Phnom Penh
3 July 2011 Matching 5 Baht Chicken Legs With 8,000 Baht Champagne
26 June 2011 The Industry Today, In Pictures
19 June 2011 The Lovely Jeab
12 June 2011 Stick, Lecherous Lee And A Great Night Out!
5 June 2011 What's All The Fuss About Soi LK Metro?
22 May 2011Good Guys Doing GREAT Things
15 May 2011Soi Cowboy vs. Nana Plaza, The Battle For Bangkok's Top Farang Bar Area
8 May 2011When Somchai Pulls The Trigger
1 May 2011Kampheng Pet
24 April 2011Phuket For Naughty Boys
17 April 2011The New York Of South-East Asia
10 April 2011A Milestone Is Reached
3 April 2011Thailand's Tourism Industry And Scams
27 March 2011Nothing Lasts Forever
20 March 2011She REALLY Was Different
13 March 2011Not Stickman, But Slackman
6 March 2011My Mate Marc
27 February 2011Cyberbullying And Karma
20 February 2011Dean, Another Bangkok Commentator
13 February 2011Without Wheels
6 February 2011I Hope It Was Natural Causes
30 January 2011Bangkok News, Gossip & Opinion
23 January 2011Memories Of The Thermae, Bangkok's Legendary Bar
16 January 2011Thai Bargirls and Red Flags
9 January 2011My Daughter's Teacher Frequents Nana Plaza!
2 January 2011Thais And Loneliness

Stickman Weekly Archives for 2010

26 DecemberWhat Awaits Us In 2011?
19 December2010, My Take On The Year That Was
12 DecemberWhatever Happened To?
5 DecemberAn American Casanova In The Middle East
28 NovemberUwe And The Professional Snitches
21 NovemberTo Be Legal?
14 NovemberShow Me The Proof
7 NovemberChoose Your Friends VERY Carefully In Thailand
31 OctoberA Western Pornographer in Pattaya
24 OctoberMore Postcards From Pattaya
17 OctoberThe Stick Girls
10 OctoberThe Unsolvable Equation
3 OctoberBangkok Bar News
26 SeptemberThe Man In The Golden Cape
19 SeptemberI Never Did See Her Again
12 SeptemberThe Changing Face Of The Pattaya Punter
5 SeptemberWhat Pattaya's Soi 6 Should Be
29 AugustIs The Bangkok Sexpat A Dying Breed?
22 AugustPattaya's Soi 6
15 AugustA Gentle Afternoon Stroll Along Sukhumvit
8 AugustWhen The Past Is More Exciting Than The Future
1 AugustCommonalities in Successful Marriages with Bargirls
25 July 2010Living Life His Way
18 July 2010The Coconut Bar
11 July 2010A Day At The River
4 July 2010Postcards From Sukhumvit Road
27 June 2010Postcards From Pattaya
20 June 2010The Farang Explosion Continues
13 June 2010An Afternoon With Some Thai Ladyboys
6 June 2010The Other Side Of The Fence
30 May 2010Keep Your Big Fat Farang Mouth Shut!
23 May 2010The Red Shirt Crisis Reviewed, No Longer Neutral
16 May 2010Bangkok Gets Its Edge Back
9 May 2010It Becomes Boring
2 May 2010Sin City After 6 Months
25 April 2010Adventure Tourism In Downtown Bangkok
18 April 2010Is The Message Finally Getting Through?
11 April 2010It's A Real Crisis Now
4 April 2010Stick Does Khon Kaen
28 March 2010Staying Healthy In Thailand
21 March 2010A Trip To Panthip Plaza
14 March 2010Pattaya Memories 2
7 March 2010Pattaya Memories
28 February 2010Patpong Memories
21 February 2010Nana Plaza Memories
14 February 2010Soi Cowboy Memories
7 February 2010Marc of Nanapong Fame
31 January 2010From Participant To Spectator
24 January 2010Stick Leaps Into The Morality Debate Ring
17 January 2010Benjawan Becker, Looks And Brains Too
10 January 2010Stick's Top People Watching Spots In Bangkok
3 January 2010When The Bar Scene and Regular Life Intersect
Stickman Weekly Archives for 2009
27 December 20092010, The Year Ahead
20 December 20092009, A Year To Forget, Again!
13 December 2009The Argument Against Learning Thai
6 December 2009Once A Farang, Always A Farang?
29 November 2009The Freelancer Conundrum
22 November 2009Sukhumvit Soi 33 Revisited
15 November 2009Photography And The Nightlife
8 November 2009Bargirls And Online Girls
1 November 2009Conan Is Not A Barbarian
25 October 200910 Major Changes In The Bar Industry In Bangkok Over The Last Decade
18 October 2009Investigations, Battling My Conscience
11 October 2009Out Late On Sukhumvit
4 October 2009After Dark Magazine, In The Spotlight
27 September 2009Fragile Friendships
20 September 2009New Bar Profile: Black Pagoda, Patpong
13 September 2009The Importance Of The Mainstream Western Media
30 August 2009Nick Nostitz, On Thailand's Front Lines
23 August 2009Bali vs. Phuket
16 August 2009The Big Durian
9 August 2009Is The Classic Traditional Thai A Dying Breed?
2 August 2009Can A Culture Be Flawed?
26 July 2009Bar Bosses And Just Who Is The Best?
19 July 2009The Boys In Brown
12 July 2009Messing Up The Tourism Industry
5 July 2009Challenging An Often Heard Mantra
28 June 2009Once Sweet Girls
21 June 2009Spicing It Up, The Bangkok Fetish Experience
14 June 2009It's So Easy To Turn To The Dark Side
7 June 2009The Depths Of The Low Season In Pattaya
31 May 2009Living On Less Than A Million Baht A Year
24 May 2009Bangkok, Where A Spade Is Not A Spade
17 May 2009Visiting The Bank Manager
10 May 2009Stickman Light
3 May 2009Reflecting From Afar Part 2
26 April 2009Reflecting From Afar
19 April 2009Tilac, Simply The Best
12 April 2009Reflecting On Ko Chang
5 April 2009My Friend, Gordon
29 March 2009Siem Reap, Cambodia
22 March 2009Walking Away From The Classroom
15 March 2009Saphan Kwai, Buffalo Safari
8 March 2009Nakhon Phanom, The Beauty Of The Real Thailand
1 March 2009Are You Scared Of Your Thai Girlfriend / Wife?
22 February 2009Encounters With Thai Ladyboys
15 February 2009A Condo, No, But A Car, Yes!
8 February 2009Are Good Thai Girls Farang Friendly?
1 February 2009Stickman's Excellent Night Out
25 January 2009Victory Is All Soi Cowboy's
18 January 2009The Icky Issue Of Underage
11 January 2009A Good Night Out
4 January 2009Transparently Predatory
Stickman Weekly Archives for 2008
28 December 20082008, A Year To Forget
21 December 2008Listen To Your Mates
14 December 2008The Bane Of Modern Day Living
7 December 2008The Ongoing Saga of Thailand's Political Crisis
30 November 2008Christopher G Moore / The Bangkok Airport Closure
23 November 2008Another One Bites The Dust
16 November 2008Thai Bosses Disappoint Me
9 November 2008Soi Cowboy Scam
2 November 2008The 10 Biggest Mistakes Western Guys Make With Thai Women
26 October 2008More Than Just A Drinking Buddy
19 October 2008Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Thailand
12 October 2008An Amateur Armchair Economist's Outlook
5 October 2008Vientiane Again, After All of These Years
28 September 2008Bruce, Lord Of TEFL
21 September 2008And The Driver Fled The Scene
14 September 2008Greg of Sunbelt, Subway and Sunrise Fame
7 September 2008Gaem's Life On The Roller Coaster
31 August 2008Why I Will Never Buy A Condo
24 August 2008The Advantages of Being White
17 August 2008A Dirty Industry
10 August 2008The Bargirls Ten Commandments, 2008 Update
3 August 2008Thailand's Rules, Regulations & Laws
27 July 2008The 6 Hour Late Man
20 July 2008Destination Lampang
13 July 2008Sponsorship Doesn't Work
6 July 2008The Future Of Tourism In Pattaya
29 June 2008Naughty Boys And Digital Cameras
22 June 2008A Normal Guy Living In An Extreme City
15 June 2008One That Got Away Part 2
8 June 2008One That Got Away Part 1
1 June 2008Khun Saharat's Budget
25 May 2008Is This Love
18 May 2008Thailand's Wild Dating Site
11 May 2008How I Learned Thai
4 May 2008Destination Khon Kaen
27 April 2008She Isn't Different
20 April 2008Teaching Is But A Stepping Stone
13 April 2008Investigating For An English Teacher
6 April 2008A Decade Later
30 March 2008The Dangers Of Drug Smuggling In Thailand
23 March 2008My Faith Restored
16 March 2008Cafes, Karaokes and Pubs, Thai Style
9 March 2008The Pattaya Aunt
2 March 2008Lawrence Revisited
24 February 2008Bangkok 2018
17 February 2008The Illusion Of Decadence
10 February 2008Extorting Your Own Kind
3 February 2008Meeting Thai Women, Back To Basics
27 January 2008The Three That Got Away
20 January 2008Lies, Lies, Lies
13 January 2008The Adventures Of An Online Voyeur
6 January 2008Things You Didn't Know About Thai Women, The Bad Stuff

Stickman Weekly Archives for 2007

1 April 2007A Trip To The Farang Capital of Isaan, Udon
8 April 2007The Bangkok Effect
15 April 2007Thailand Farangland Same Same
22 April 2007Alternatives To Thailand
29 April 2007Gogo Or Nogo? The Thailand Gogo Bar Decline
6 May 2007When Her Heart Is Broken
13 May 2007Their Stock Is Up - And They Know It!
20 May 2007Banking In Thailand
27 May 2007A Trip To The Floating Market
3 June 2007I've Changed
10 June 2007Bangkok Employment Options
17 June 2007Dealing With Confrontation
24 June 2007Khun Andrew Hicks
1 July 2007Are Massage Parlours A Better Option?
8 July 2007Is The Dollar Killing You?
15 July 2007The Rainy Season
22 July 2007When It All Goes Horribly Wrong
29 July 2007Thailand Holiday Weekend
5 August 2007Western Prices, But Is It Western Quality?
12 August 2007Assimilation? What's That Mean?!
19 August 2007Online Dating Options 2007
26 August 2007The Far North
2 September 2007Miss Udon In Focus
9 September 2007The More You Know It, The More Third World It Seems
16 September 2007Did Miss Udon Push Your Button?
23 September 2007Three Of The Best
30 September 2007Three Of The Best, From The Cutting Room Floor
7 October 2007He Says, She Says
14 October 2007Recapturing The Magic
21 October 2007How An Average-Looking Mid 30's Bargirl Makes 100K Baht A Month
28 October 2007The Beginning Of The End Of An Era
4 November 2007Dating And Traditional Thai Culture
11 November 2007Farangdom
18 November 2007The Lost Generation
25 November 2007Partying Without A Party Hat
2 December 2007It Gets Boring
9 December 2007The Serious Business of Fixing Your Bitterness!
16 December 2007Venturing Into The Isaan
23 December 2007A 2007 Round Up
30 December 2007Stickman Plays "MorDoo"


Stickman Weekly Archives for 2006
5 NovemberThat Feeling Of Helplessness
29 OctoberA Day Off
22 OctoberStickman Bargirl Investigations
15 OctoberHow Long Is A Piece Of String?
8 OctoberWorking With The Thais
1 OctoberThe Good Girls, A Few Thoughts
24 SeptemberHe Is Known As Mr. EdenPapa
17 SeptemberIt's Time To Throw Her Out!
10 SeptemberIs This The Great Thai Immigration Crackdown?
3 SeptemberThe Danger Of Overexposure
27 AugustTeaching in Bangkok, Never A Dull Moment
20 AugustThe Story Of Ploen
13 AugustConfessions Of A Bangkok Private Eye
6 AugustDo It Yourself Investigations And The Danger Signs
30 JulyStickman Under The Spotlight
23 JulyThe Importance Of Harmony In Thai Society
16 JulyPattaya, More And More A Better Option
9 JulyWe're Dropping Like Flies
2 JulyExploiting A Flawed System
25 JuneThe Rich And The Poor
18 JuneNon-Expat, Non-Teacher, Non-Investment Success Stories
11 JuneLittle Tokyo
4 JuneBarry Who?
28 MayIs 29,265 The Number?
21 MayThe Age Of Consent In Thailand
14 MayKo Samui, 8 Years On
7 MayBlame The Driver!
30 AprilThai Women And Ferraris
23 AprilThe Road To Phuket
16 AprilWhen Is The Point Of No Return?
9 AprilWho Is Doug?
2 AprilMaybe She Really Is Different?
26 MarchThe Soaring Prices Of Bangkok's Naughty Nightlife
19 MarchAn Even Playing Field, At Last
12 MarchSlack Stickman
5 MarchIt's Time For A Visa For Your Darling
26 FebruaryThe Day My Nokia Learned To Fly
19 FebruaryThe Lengths To Which The Girls Will Go
12 FebruaryPost Tsunami Phuket
5 FebruaryIs Teaching English In Thailand REALLY Viable?
29 JanuaryMaking The Most Of Online Dating
22 JanuaryChiang Mai Revisited
15 JanuaryIf You Have To Teach
8 JanuaryDrug The Farang
1 JanuaryThe Blue Sky Of Winter In Isaan


Stickman Weekly Archives for 2005
25 DecemberThis Site, This Year In Review
18 DecemberWorking With The Locals, A Few Thoughts
11 DecemberTraditional Thai Families And The Impositions Placed On Daughters
4 DecemberA Sin Sot FAQ
27 NovemberA Trip To Hospital
20 NovemberBangkok versus Pattaya
13 NovemberThe Bangkok Property Market
6 NovemberTo Speak Thai, Or Not?
30 OctoberIs The "Real Thailand" A Real Option?
23 OctoberIn Search Of Neon At Night
16 OctoberMr. And Mrs. Stick To The Rescue!
9 OctoberBangkok's Naughty Internet Landscape
2 OctoberThe Ups And Downs Of Life In Bangkok
25 SeptemberThe Thread That Runs Through Many Needles
18 SeptemberHow To Make It Work With A Bargirl, At The Beginning
11 SeptemberMail Order Brides
4 SeptemberWho Is Bangkok Phil?
28 AugustDefending Farang Women
21 AugustMother In Law Says Avoid The Poor
14 AugustJim, And A Bad Domestic Situation
7 AugustThe Danger Factor
31 JulyBeing Blind Is Not So Bad
24 JulyWhy Wai?
17 JulyA Thai Businesswoman Part 2 - The Unanswered Questions, Answered!
10 JulyA Thai Businesswoman
3 JulyThe Love With Korat Affair Is Over
26 JuneSlack Stickman!
19 JuneWhen The Unexpected Occurs
12 JuneEnglish Teachers, The Bane Of Bangkok?
5 JuneHe Drove A Red Pick-Up And He Looked Like A Criminal!
29 MayWhite Boys In Brown?
22 MayThe Man Under The Hat, Mekhong Kurt
15 MayThe Great Bangkok Rip-Off?
8 MayPattaya Gogo Bars 2005
1 MayMrs. Stick Does New Zealand
24 AprilA Reality Check Part 2
10 AprilA Reality Check Part 1
3 AprilNymphomaniacs, Or Posers?
27 MarchAre The Successes A Small Minority?
20 MarchAustralia, A Country Of Katoey Lovers?
13 MarchThe Girl Who Didn't Get Away
6 MarchWhat Does The Extra 3,000 Baht Get You?
27 FebruaryMr. Colourful Part 2
20 FebruaryNoseying Around, Trust, Or A Lack Of It
13 FebruaryMr. Colourful Part 1
6 FebruaryThe Golden Age?
30 JanuaryWhat Ever Happened To...?
23 JanuaryI Have To Buy What?!
16 JanuaryBuffet Bonanza
9 JanuaryBangkok Bar Stories
2 JanuaryThat Bitch Mother Nature

Stickman Weekly
Archives for 2004

26 DecemberThis Site, This Year
19 DecemberPursuing Married Women
12 DecemberFarang Business And The Mafia
5 DecemberThai Male Friends
28 NovemberThe Jewel Of The North
21 NovemberBangkok And The Single Guy
14 NovemberAnother Day Trip Option?
7 NovemberSaturation Point?
31 OctoberControl
24 October3 Nights In A Row
17 OctoberThe Heart Of Isaan
10 OctoberCan't Make My Mind Up
3 OctoberPattaya's Future?
26 SeptemberFarangs Are Scarier Than Thais
19 SeptemberThailand, The Future
12 SeptemberStickman Visits A Net Cafe
5 SeptemberThe Mother In Law Visits The UK
29 AugustMr. Lazy Or Mr. Busy?
22 AugustThe Passport Fiasco
15 AugustThailand's Best Known Farang Part 2
8 AugustThailand's Best Known Farang?
1 AugustBreak Her Heart And Daddy'll Break Your Legs!
25 JulyCar ownership, 18 months on
18 JulyHIV And AIDS, On The Ground In Bangkok
11 JulySex, Money & Love
4 JulyA Tourist Forever?
27 JuneThe Biggest Investment Of All
20 JuneDivorce, Thai Style
13 JuneMurphy's Law
6 JuneOnce The Sale Is Made, That's It
30 MayThe Late Column
23 MayDriven Back Into The Ghetto
16 MayLadyboys Unravelled
9 MayThaiImmigration.Com, The Truth
2 MayFriendly Advice Or An Elaborate Hoax?
25 AprilFrom 75 Down To 67 And Then Up To 80 In Just A Couple Of Years
18 AprilBut You're Only 40!
11 AprilIt's The Silly Season Again!
4 AprilNo, NOT Everyone is Bonking Working Girls
28 March20,000 Baht A Month Is A Fortune!
21 MarchShould We Keep Our Traps Shut?
14 MarchBig Jack, A Bangkok Legend
7 March5.5 Years And Counting
29 FebruaryRefusing To Be A Victim
22 FebruaryWomen Are Women, None Are Perfect
15 FebruaryMidnight It Is
8 FebruaryA Craving For Farang Food
1 FebruaryIs The Party Really Over?
25 JanuaryNo Opening Piece Today
18 JanuaryA Place For Everything
11 JanuaryGoing Upmarket
4 JanuaryThailand, 2004

Stickman Weekly Archives for 2003
28 DecemberDon't Let Them Ruin It!
21 DecemberWhen Things Go Bad
14 DecemberHow Many Of Us Are There?
7 December  
30 November  
23 NovemberReturn Of The Mother In Law
16 NovemberSleuthing, 2003 Style
9 NovemberLove, Hate
2 NovemberThailand From Another Perspective
26 OctoberS And The Bargirl With The Bulging Belly
19 OctoberThe Lower North, A Trip Report
5 OctoberChange
28 SeptemberThe Dodgy Visa Crackdown
21 SeptemberShould I Buy A Bar?
14 SeptemberShould We All Be Tough Guys?
7 SeptemberThe New Bangkok
 31 AugustAre English Teachers In Bangkok Little More Than Permanent Resident Whoremongers?
24 AugustSometimes You Have To Treat Her Like A Child
17 AugustBangkok, Anything Goes
10 AugustIs My Cosy Lifestyle Under Threat?
3 AugustThai Women And The Chamber Of Secrets
27 JulyI've Been A Good Boy
20 JulyYou Pay Now?
13 JulyInternational Schools Under The Microscope
6 JulyThey Cost What?  I Thought This Was Bangkok!
29 JuneA Weekend In Hua Hin
22 JuneThe Soi 4 Investment Debacle Revisited

15 June

How Many Investors?
8 JuneNo Opinion Piece This Week

1 June

What If The Guy In The Brown Suit Says "No"?!
25 MayShe Comes From Where?!
18 MayDamaging Pattaya's Already Shoddy Reputation
11 MayIs This The Best Accommodation Deal In Town?
4 MayYou Spend How Much?!
27 AprilWhy Was Little Interest Shown?
20 AprilCheap, Cheaper, Cheapest!
13 AprilICQ Is A Thai Girl Lover's Best Friend
6 AprilIt Is As Bad As It Looks
30 MarchPark Next To The Kerb, Stick
23 MarchWhere's Your Wallet, Stick?
16 MarchStickman Relents
2 MarchCountry Girls
23 FebruaryPity The Thai Guys
16 FebruaryEnglish Teachers Today
9 FebruaryThe Realities Of A Thai Schools
2 FebruaryThe Busy Schedule!
26 JanuaryKeep Your Eyes Open!
19 JanuaryEarnings In Bangkok
12 JanuaryWhy Are We Single?
5 JanuaryAjarn Bee


Stickman Weekly Archives for 2002
29 DecemberIs The Countryside For Me?
22 DecemberThe First Five Years
15 DecemberWho Has Never Misbehaved?
1 DecemberMoving Her In Is Easy, Try Moving Her Out!
24 NovemberDealing With Lies
17 NovemberDo We Take It Seriously?
10 NovemberIs My Teeruk Pregnant?
3 NovemberThe Delights Of Digital Cameras
27 OctoberThai Females Are Expensive!
20 OctoberHome Sweet Home
13 OctoberA Tour Of Isaan
6 OctoberUnlimited Sex Gets Boring
29 SeptemberAre You Here For The Duration?
22 SeptemberWe Are A Band Of Misfits
15 SeptemberWill We Be Shown The Door?
8 SeptemberPlan For The Future
1 SeptemberIncredulous That I Chose Thailand
25 AugustWhy Shouldn't She Work Overseas?
18 AugustLooking Into The Crystal Ball
11 AugustIs Honesty The Best Policy?
4 AugustThe Internet And Existing Relationships
28JulyPostcard From Singapore
21 JulyThey Can't Read Us
14 JulyFinding A Good One
7 JulyThai Girls Do Like Farangs

23 June

Our Friend Sun
16 JuneStickman Has Changed!
2 JuneThe Changing Thai Girl
26 MayGirls And Your Apartment
19 MayAre Thai Men So Bad?
12 MayTaking Her Away From Thailand
5 MayEnglish Teaching
28 AprilGood Girls Do Lie
7 AprilSongkran
31 MarchThe Fast Forward Button
24 MarchRegular Thai Girls
17 MarchDon't Lower Your Standards
10 MarchToo Much Time In The Bars?
3 MarchThey're Bidding On Bargirls
24 FebruaryLighter Than Usual
17 FebruaryLeave The West For 25K Baht A Month?
10 FebruarySoi Cowboy, 2002 Vintage
3 FebruaryMedical Care Options
27 JanuaryBargirls Are Like Fast Food
20 JanuaryActing Like Children
13 JanuaryMBK, Bangkok's Trend Centre
6 JanuaryDon't Forget That It's Prostitution

Stickman Weekly Archives for 2001
30 DecemberWe Are So Different!
23 DecemberNaughty Nightlife 2001, A Review
16 DecemberNana Plaza's Nosedive
9 DecemberKeeping Her On Tenterhooks
2 DecemberWhen Do You Lost Interest?
25 NovemberIs English Teaching For You?
18 NovemberFitting In With The Thais
11 NovemberStickman Bargirl Investigations
4 NovemberExpensive Beachside Accommodation
28 OctoberTwo True Stories
21 OctoberHer Name Was Air
14 OctoberUndecided On Pattaya
6 OctoberA Good Samaritan
30 SeptemberLiving Quarters For The Urban Poor
23 SeptemberThe Abortion Clinic
16 SeptemberThailand Ain't Perfect

9 September

The Cost Of Living

2 September

Who's The Snitch?
26 AugustThe Period Of Uncertainty
19 AugustIf Nana Closed?
12 AugustThe Window Of Foolishness
5 AugustInternet Based Introduction Services

29 July

Sukhumvit Soi 33 versus Patpong Soi 2
22 JulyStandardised Pricing
15 JulySix Weeks
8 JulyA Sexual Revolution In Thailand?
1 JulyStickman Weekly 1 July 2001
24 JuneProblems In The Naughty Nightlife Industry
17 JuneThose Dodgy Visas!
10 JuneThe Pleasures Of Daily Life
3 JuneStickman Weekly 3 June 2001
27 MayStickman Weekly 27 May 2001
20 MayStickman Weekly 20 May 2001
13 MayStickman Weekly 13 May 2001
6 MayStickman Weekly 6 May 2001
29 AprilStickman Weekly 29 April 2001
22 AprilStickman Weekly 22 April 2001
15 AprilStickman Weekly 15 April 2001
8 AprilThe first ever Stickman Weekly column!

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