Stickman Thailand Photo Galleries

The following is a collection of the various photo galleries that have appeared on StickmanBangkok over the years.

The 2004 gallery photos were taken with a Sony 707, what I term a digicam, and hence lack imagination.  These fixed lens cameras don't allow for much control over depth of field and offer limited options for creative photography hence a lot of the shots tend to be more postcard type captures of places in Thailand.

All of the photos in the other galleries were taken with a Canon digital SLR and a combination of lenses, the majority taken using the 24 - 70L.

There are all sorts of interesting things going on in Thailand, all sorts of exotic places and with the country being easy to get around, it really is a photographer's delight.  Do bring a camera with you when you visit Thailand and if you have any interest in photography whatsoever, Thailand and its people are great for taking photographs.  And one of the really great things about the people is that generally the people are quite comfortable being photographed by foreigners!

Enjoy these photos and enjoy your photography in Thailand!

General Galleries
      2004 Gallery

Various images from my life in 2004 including Bangkok and Korat.

 Upcountry Gallery 2004

Predominantly pictures from Isaan as well as a few from Chiang Mai.  This gallery is a Bangkok free zone!

 My Thailand, 2004

Various pictures from Bangkok and Pattaya.

 Thailand At Night

Many parts of Thailand come alive at night and the capital never sleeps.  All shots in this gallery were taken after dark.

 Thailand 2006 Coup

My report and pictures of Thailand's coup in 2006.


 Two Pattaya Afternoons

It's known for its nightlife but Pattaya can be fun by day too!

 Phuket & Samui combined gallery

The two island paradises of Phuket and Ko Samui share one gallery.

 Temples & Buddhism gallery

A collection of photos taken at or around various temples in Thailand.

 Thailand Nightlife

A collection of photos taken at or around Thailand's nightlife hot spots.

 Vientiane, Laos

Photos from a few days in the capital of Laos. 


The Characters series

 Thailand Characters 1

Thai people at work and at play!

 Thailand Characters 2

Thai people at work and at play!

 Thailand Characters 3

Thai people at work and at play!

 Thailand Characters 4

Thai people at work and at play!

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