Contributing To The Site


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Much effort has gone into putting this site together and the site has flourished very due to the kind contributions of readers.  If you enjoy reading the stories on this site and would like to give something back, there are a number of ways you can do it.

Send in a story of your own!

The readers' submissions section of the site has grown to become the biggest single collection of farangs' experiences on Thailand hosted at any one site.  There are in excess of 4,000 stories and 2-3 are added each day.  This section of the site depends very much on readers sending in stories.  If you have any experiences at all, it would be GREAT if you could send them in.

All you have to do is type up the story which should be 800 words or more, and send it to me either in the body of an email or as a Microsoft Word file attachment.  Let me know a title for the story, a pen name and whether you would like your email address added to it and we'll do the rest.

Provide news

This is a difficult one as I have to admit that I do not use all news sent in.  If you see something newsworthy, interesting or just plain weird, let me know.  The weekly column requires me to get out and about each week, to investigate what is going on around town, and to write about it.  If you are a bar owner, or a business owner, I would love to know what is happening at your establishment.  It is news for the column AND it is free advertising for you too!

Also, if there are any Thailand related articles in newspapers or other periodicals or online sites, send me a link.  Readers are always interested in Thailand related news stories and articles.

Place an advertisement

If you are in business in Thailand or offer a product or service that you feel appeals to the site's readership, you might wish to take out an advertisement on the site.  Drop me an email and I will send you more details.  Advertising rates are very reasonable.  The ONLY way to advertise on this site is to contact me directly as I prefer not to use syndicated advertising.

Make a donation

No!  This is something I do not accept.  People have offered to put some cash in my hands but frankly, it is not something I am comfortable with.  The site was not set up as a money spinner, but as a means to offer worthwhile information about living in Thailand.  I won't accept cash per se, but if we bump into each other out and about and you would like to buy me a drink, I will be happy to accept it.

Wine wine wine!

At times I think the Mrs. verges on an alcoholic.  She has a penchant for red wine - and that can be an expensive habit in Thailand for the cost of wine here is very expensive.  If you are coming from the West and have space for a bottle of red wine, the Mrs. would be grateful.

Finally, let me thank all readers for your support of the site!  It is you guys who have helped make it what it is!