Stickman's Guide

Two Pattaya Afternoons

All of the photographs on this page are copyright (c) 2005.

This particular photo gallery represents a couple of days' strolling around Pattaya, a city quite unlike any other on earth.  It is the unique mix of nationalities brought together by the mixture of sun, sand and the other "s" word that so many like about Pattaya, but truth be told, there is much more to the place.

Like so many places in Thailand, you just never know what you're going to see next, or what may happen next.  This photo gallery was unplanned.  When I checked the shots I'd got over the course of a couple of afternoon's strolling around, I figured there were enough here to paint a picture of life in the seaside city of sin, or Fun City, as many prefer.


       What a name for a soi.  "Soi BJ".  Only in Pattaya!
  Forget the seaside, this truly is one of the finest views in Pattaya.
  I wonder what she was saying?  "Hello teeruk, I sit in loom, wait for you. Love you, only you!"  Or maybe she was ordering a pizza?!
  Interesting temporary tattoo on that girl's lower back!
  Red Spot Bar in Pattaya Soi 6, AKA Soi Yodsak.
  Gorgeous hair, which to my mind is most Thai women's most lovely feature.  I always think it is such a shame when they go and gut it short or colour it.  It doesn't need it!
  This was one scary, creepy woman.  I kept seeing her around Pattaya and she would be constantly be yelling and screaming at no-one on particular.  The folks in the background look bemused.
  I like a bit of meat on the bone, but maybe not quite this much.
  Another curious looking fellow.
  My favourite neon sign on Walking Street.
  This woman was absolutely stunningly beautiful.  I took another shot of her and then somehow managed to delete it, darn it!
  A very attractive lady gazes out to sea.  It is unusual to see women wearing gold in Pattaya these days, like this lady is, no doubt due to the increased street crime in recent times.
  Wrapped in a towel early morning, just what is she thinking about?
  A beer bar girl holds up a sign at a beer bar on the Beach Road.  Such beer bars seem to be slowly being dismantled as hotels replace them in the prime location.
  This guy is something of a fixture on Beach Road, a strange looking local who seems to enjoy nothing more than casting his watchful eyes over the girls parading before him.
  The most popular place in Pattaya for the working girls!  I imagine that this may well be the busiest branch of Western Union in the entire country!
  A construction worker from the North Shore Condominium project.  Her and her friends kept screaming at me until I took their shot.
  Ooops!  Too much load on there, Somchai!  Traffic was blocked on Soi 6 for quite some time when this happened.  Most amusing for passers by.
  The sign at the bottom of the notorious Soi Yodsak.
  Two young Thai lads smile at the farang with he camera.
  This was one scary creature - I sure was glad that he didn't wake up!
  On the way home from work.  Transport is often provided for construction workers who may well come from, the same village upcountry and live together and work together.
  What a job!  I often feel sorry for the lovely Thais who have to deal with some of the less aesthetically pleasing farangs.  Look at that gut!
  These two insisted I took their photo.
  A good name for a bar, but what is surprising is the sign to the right that says that only European girls dance there!
  The Beach Road is a place to sit and watch the world go by, or be watched yourself!
  I don't know what you call these, but they were these sort of ornamental figures at one of the Buddhist shrines on Beach Road.
  A songtaew (means two rows i.e. the two bench seats in the back) approaches the Beach Road from the northern end.
  Who are they talking to, and what're they talking abut?!
  Mmmm, is that a guy or a girl?  When in doubt, it usually means it ain't a girl!
  A couple of girls who were keeping an eye on proceedings down at the beach.
  The bane of life in Pattaya, the vendors are mobile and will approach you wherever you may be, be it on the beach, in the bars or worst of all, in some restaurants!
  Love is in the air.  Give it a month and he'll be emailing me for advice...
  On their way to work at the Second Road end of Soi 2.
  A construction worker who was working hard outside Royal Garden Shipping Centre.  This woman may well have come from a similar background to some of the girls who chose to work in the bars.
  Thai style picnic.  You often see this over at Jomtien Beach where Thais from upcountry park up the pick-up truck, half the village gets out, and the back is where the food is prepared and eaten from.
  Another well-rounded girl.
  Soi Pattayaland 2, at a bit after 6:00 PM.  Pattaya is just starting to wake up!
  Two lovely lasses out shopping.
  The lass on the back was really, really cute!  Look at that gorgeous smile!
  Buying a snack from a street vendor.  The street vendors in Pattaya are perhaps more used to farangs than vendors elsewhere in Thailand, reflected in the fact that many have signs up in English.
  Strolling down Soi 8 where you can find some bars open during the day, although it really comes to life at night.
  At the bottom of soi 8, all male visitors are welcomed to the bar, even if they're on the other side of the road.
  Anyone casting for a horror movie?
  Soi 6 girls call out to all and sundry passing by.  This infamous soi is perhaps the cheapest commercial nooky venue in Thailand, with all up action costing in the vicinity of 700 baht, on the premises.
  Peace and tranquility can be found in Pattaya.
  The view across Pattaya Bar, over towards Naklua, where it is rumoured that many new condominium buildings will be built.
  Good guys go to heaven, bad guys go to Pattaya.
  Even with the breeze coming in from the bay, the climate in Pattaya can be rather warm, to say the least.  That is not a pattern on his shirt - it's sweat!
  A big farang on a big bike is about to overtake a songtaew as the passengers gawk at him


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